The concept of ‘gamification’ is a simple one. To apply game design to non-game applications in order to make them more fun and engaging. Gamification has been used successfully across forums such as those maintained by Microsoft ( in order to encourage contributor participation and reward them for achieving a number of points and achievements. The result of this has been a flourishing forum community. ‘The Game’ is a solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011 that contains a framework to enable the system administrator (or game administrator) to gamify their CRM application. The objective of gamification in the context of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is to drive user adoption by incentivising the users and hopefully making using CRM more fun!

  • Create multiple 'Games' to enable different teams/departments to compete with their peers as opposed to users who use the system in a radically different way.
  • Define ranks so users may be promoted as they accumulate game points.
  • Customise your ranks by applying themed icons. Navy and Regal themes are included in the solution.
  • Define achievement types (i.e. employee of the month, gold medal, etc) that can be awarded for specific actions.
  • Utilise the Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011 workflow engine to drive the award of game points and achievements and includes several example workflow templates that can help you get started. Includes workflow templates for goal achievement and stretch target achievement.
  • Does not use synchronous (real-time) plugins that can impact user interface performance.
  • A leader-board that shows the users sorted by game points, their rank icon and also includes dynamically generated achievement type columns.
  • Extensible framework so enhance your workflow to generate activity feed posts, send email notifications and generate dynamic game points values depending on record values (i.e. opportunity value) rather than simplistic X points for an opportunity win.

For screenshots either download the user guide (see downloads section) or take a look at the blog post here

14/10/2015 - and updated version for CRM2015 can be found on the Gap Consulting Ltd website

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